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Mobile Homes are
Affordable Homes 

Mobile home prices can be called a gift in the real estate industry.  They allow you to benefit from all of the luxuries of your own house without the cost of a house that has been built on the lot. 

The term “mobile home” is actually not a recent one, being used specifically in reference to manufactured homes that were created before June 15, 1976.  That was the time that the HUD Code became effective.  Another term that is often used to refer to today’s manufactured homes is trailers.  The term trailer, in actuality, refers to mobile homes with the same restrictions in quality and standards.   That being said, this form of affordable living is not the same as manufactured homes – though the terms are often mistakenly used interchangeably. 

The HUD Code is the regulations for the building standards over homes that have been constructed within a factory (as opposed to the building codes to which homes built on-site are subject) and after the point that it was put into effect, the structures previously referred to as mobile homes ceased to be created, being replaced by manufactured homes which are built to a notably higher standard than the mobile homes of yesterday – and often better than those built on-site as well!  

Manufactured home prices are simply unequaled for the quality and product that is gained. Today’s manufactured homes are built on a steel chassis which is non-removable and are transported to the actual site to be assembled together using their own wheels. It is not until those individual parts all reach the destination that they receive their final assembly.

The enforcement of quality construction is very rigorous with this type of affordable home-ownership, as there is a very thorough checking-over of all of the work, done on - site by an inspector who examines all of the electrical hookups and other similar elements.

As this method of constructing the home is dramatically less expensive, it allows affordable manufactured home prices to remain low and easily achievable.

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