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Manufactured-Mobile Home Buying Checklist

Use these home buying tips as well as the inspection checklist and a good manufactured home buying guide to make sure that you’ve covered all the essentials when you’re ready to make your purchase. 

Know and confirm the model name, manufacturer, and date of manufacture before buying a mobile home. There is usually a manufacturer’s data plate (typically consisting of a piece of paper) which is located inside a cupboard or closet door) where you can verify this information for your insurance and/or bank.

Double check the size of the home with a measuring tape since many documents include extra elements such as a trailer hitch, roof overhangs, and other factors into their measurements. Know your true square footage.

Look for a small red metal tag on the outside of every section of the trailer to ensure that each part conforms to the federal HUD guidelines that were put into effect on June 15, 1976. The home cannot be legally sold without them and it will not pass inspections.

Make sure that a third party resale inspector has approved the building so that you know it is legal for sale.

If your home will be located in a Flood Hazard Area, take out flood insurance.

Look for a manufactured home in a community with similar homes as it will allow the home to depreciate more slowly.

Examine the drainage, looking to be sure that moisture and water are drawn away from the home. Be wary of standing water under or very near to the structure.

Look inside the home for signs of water leaks from the ceiling, windows, doors, and plumbing. Look for stains, signs of rotted wood or moldings, and other signs.

If you intend to move the house, check the axels and replace the rubber tires. Make sure you have completed all items on your home buying checklist.

Before you buy or sell a home get a Home Inspection first.

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