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" Manufactured/MobileHomes Where Will You Call Home?"

Manufactured homes, formerly known as mobile homes, have become a significant source of new and affordable housing. If you’re thinking of calling one home, then you’ve found an ideal resource in this website for information about these structures, as well as purchasing, lifestyle and maintenance, selling, and finding your own dream home.

Though once associated exclusively with trailer parks, the more recent strict regulation of the construction and assembly of manufactured/ mobilehomes on both a federal and state level has lead to full communities of luxury homes rivaling their site-built counterparts in quality and features, while beating them in affordability hands-down.

According to AARP, approximately 31% of manufactured homes are purchased by people aged 50 years or older. They’ve become the:

*perfect achievable first home

*affordable winter home

*comfortable retirement housing for “snowbirds” as well as those who stay year-round.

Take the time to benefit from all of the information available throughout this site. I know you will benefit from the information, as I have and it makes you aware that you have choices when it comes to buying and selling manufactured/mobilehomes. I will take great pride in guiding you in the search of your dream home.

Welcome to blog!The Manufacture Mobile Homes Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the Manufactured Mobile Homes Web site.

Senior Retirement Communities, RV Sites, and Manufactured/Mobile Home Parks Looking for senior retirement communities or manufactured/mobile home parks? Find the best senior retirement communities and manufactured/mobile home parks on this site.

Home Warranty Why You Want a Home Warranty. Protect your appliances, air conditioners, furnaces, electrical, plumbing, and other essentials with a home warranty policy.

Mobile Home Parks There are a large number of advantages to moving into mobile home parks. The benefits of living in mobile home parks can bring you great value and enjoyment to your home.

Mobile Home Parts Tidbits of information on mobile home parts,pipes, drain lines, and plumbing. Need to learn about mobile home parts check out this site.

Manufactured Homes Learn about the choices that manufactured homes have to offer for affordable living. See what manufactured homes has to offer in todays economy.

Mobile Home Water Heaters Tidbits of information on mobile home water heaters. Need to learn about mobile home parts check out this site.

Mobile Home Loans Tips for financing and manufactured mobile home loans.Check out advise and opportunities on financing and manufactured mobile home loans.

Seller Financing When it comes to the difference between being able to make the sale or not, it is worth it to consider seller financing. Seller Financing in a difficult market might be the way to sell your home. 

Mobile Home Insurance What you need to know about manufactured mobile home insurance.

Mobile Home Furnaces Mobile home furnaces and air conditioning systems are somewhat different from site-built houses. Get tips on finding mobile home furnaces on this site.

Mobile Home Siding Though there are many kinds of mobile home siding available for mobile homes, typically, vinyl is the mobile home siding of choice in terms of maintenance, cost, and overall convenience.

Mobile Home Doors and Windows Measure the dimensions of the opening for the mobile home doors, not the mobile home door itself. Tips for mobile/manufactured homes.

Mobile Home Skirting When it comes to mobile home skirting, there are a range of options from which to choose. Tips to help you choose mobile home skirting that is right for you.

Manufactured Home Manufacturers It’s a good idea to look at more than one manufactured home manufacturer before making your final decision of what home to buy. Familiarize yourself with manufactured home manufacturers.

Mobile Homes for Affordable Homes Check out mobile homes for affordable homes-ownership. Mobile homes for affordable homes -ownership might be a choice for you in todays market.

Buying Used Mobile Homes Buy with confidence when purchasing used mobile homes! What to look for when buying used mobile homes.

Home Buying Tips Some good quality home buying tips to use before you buy your new home. Home buying tips to help you in the home buying process.

Manufactured Mobile Home Buying Checklist Your manufactured-mobile home buying checklist. 9 important tips that should be on your home buying check list for manufacured-mobile homes with detailed descriptions.

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