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Protect Your Home Find the Right Manufactured Mobile Home Insurance

As with any home, if you want to protect your investment from Mother Nature’s wrath or other strange and damaging events, then you will need to purchase a insurance policy. This kind of coverage will help to bring you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that no matter what happens, you will not have lost the full financial value of your home.

Home Insurance policies will provide you with coverages over a broad range of different circumstances that could cause damage to your home or require you to put expensive repairs into making it functional and/or livable again.

That being said, mobile home insurance is quite different from standard homeowner’s insurance in its overall nature. Though it does have elements in common, there are many aspects that do not align. For example, because the risk of damage to the home can be greater in some ways – especially in those built before 1974 when HUD regulations became much more strict for the construction of manufactured homes – those structures are considered a greater risk and can therefore cost more.

That being said, there are two different kinds of manufactured/mobile home policies. The first is the peril policy and the second is the comprehensive policy. Peril coverages include protection in the case of tornado, fire, hurricane, flood, and other natural disasters and odd occurrences. Comprehensive, though, covers you against additional risks that do not apply to the peril policies. This can mean anything including: • Extended coverages

• Personal liability

• Emergency removal expenses

• Personal property

• Additional living expenses

• Transportation expenses and coverage

• Consent to move

• Lien holder’s single interest coverage

Here are some tips from AARP to consider when researching for the best insurance policy:

What types of hazards should a mobile home policy cover?

Look for coverage’s for major and minor hazards like:




Water damage to your home from bursting pipes

Damage from ink, paint, dye, shoe and nail polish

Damage by wild or stray animals

Collapse from weight of ice and snow

Other coverage’s you may want:

Additional living expenses

Emergency removal service

Emergency repairs after a loss

Fire department services

Trees, shrubs, plants and lawns

Debris removal

Helpful hint to think about when looking for manufactured - mobile home insurance:

Some companies include all these coverage’s in their policies. Others let you choose the coverage’s you want. Some companies don't offer certain coverage’s at all. Be sure to ask your insurance representative if your policy offers the coverage’s you want and need.

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