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Tips for Finding Manufactured Mobile Home Loans

When it comes to finding a mobile home loan, there can sometimes be a challenge involved. The reason is that in the case of most homes of this form, land is not included in the sale. Therefore, to the companies who don’t offer manufactured home mortgages, they hesitate due to the risk involved as it is not actually considered real estate, but is property instead.

Fortunately, though, there are companies that specialize in mobile home loans, so as long as you go to the right people, the opportunities are indeed out there. You can find companies willing to finance or mobile home refinance, depending on your needs.

When you are trying to obtain financial assistance from these types of companies, just as with other forms of lending, you will need to meet certain conditions before these lenders will indeed assist you with manufactured home mortgages.

Among them, the primary element is typically the foundation requirement. Almost every company offering manufactured home funding will require you to have your house permanently attached, with the wheels and axels removed and structure fastened securely to the ground.

The home must also have passed the HUD inspection to ensure that it has met the appropriate standards. It must also have passed the code for design restrictions , strength, and durability. Furthermore, it must be able to withstand transportation, be energy efficient, and have a high fire resistance level.

All of the basic systems of the home such as heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical, and thermal systems must also meet very high standards in order to qualify you for a loan.

All of these elements will need to have been confirmed by a third party inspector who is qualified to make these assessments. Once your home has passed all of the necessary steps, the lending institution will then begin to look at your own personal qualifications as a good candidate for a loan. This process is very similar to the type of mortgage financing considerations that are undergone for a home built on-site.

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