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Moving With Cats To Your New Home

Moving with cats takes some planing. Plan ahead to ensure that the transition from one home to another goes smoothly. Your “house tiger” develops strong bonds with environment and moves are potentially stressful. A less traumatic time for you and your furry friend and less worry is always a good thing!

Some tips for moving with cats:

Place your cat in one room(ideally bedroom) before the moving truck arrives.

Make sure doors and windows remain closed. Place cat carrier, cat bed, food bowl, water bowl and litter tray in this room.

A note on the door should make sure NOBODY will open the door.

After the truck is loaded – first put your cat safely in the carrier and in your car and than load the furniture from the room onto the truck.

First move bedroom furniture in new home.

Place cat and her bed, food, water and litter tray in the bedroom so your cat can explore safely behind the closed door. Ideally you would have a family member stay with your cat and offer her some food.

After the move your cat is allowed to explore the house.

This cat is on the move :)

Some tips for transporting your cat:

Ask your veterinarian about mild sedatives if your cat is a rather anxious traveler.

Make sure the last meal you feed is at least three hours before traveling.

Use a safe container for transportation and secure the carrier with the seat belt in your car seat.

Never move your cat in the moving truck.

NEVER leave your cat inside a hot car if you stop for a break.

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