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Costa Rica, 62.5 acres, superb farm in Paradise

by Gerardo Salazar

62.5 acre property located 5 minutes from Ciudad de Siquirres, breath taking views of paradise.

Best property in the area. Tons of potential.
Close to clinics, hospitals, markets.
Grasslands, hills and rich soil for agriculture. Excellent for resorts, tourist projects, hotel, reforestation or build a retirement paradise.

Waterfall, trees, Reventazon River, wild life
Approximately 620 feet of frontage to a major national road.

All modern infrastructures available. Electricity, water, internet, telephone. 5 minutes away from downtown Squires.

Very close to new mega hydroplant.Farm will double in value in the next three years. This is a super opportunity.

Close to Tortuguero National Park, Volcan Turrialba, only 40 minutes from Limon, and the beach.

The real estate market in Costa Rica has been growing at a steady pace in the recent years.
The best real estate investment destinations in Central America.
Prices of the properties are going up and will continue to apreciate invalue making this a great investment opportunities, which even a first-time investor can capitalize on.
Opportunity to cash in on the growing tourism
Costa Rica has a demonstrated natural beauty, which lures millions of visitors to this Latin American country. In 2011 alone, the country witnessed an influx of around 3 million tourists in its territory, for 2012 it will be much more and more and more every year.
The temperate weather (temperature is never more than 28 degrees Celsius), rich biodiversity, low cost of living, rich cultural heritage, lush green forest, white and black sandy beaches, and political stability of the country have made it one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world.
You can capitalize on the real estate investment opportunity cropping up in Costa Rica by investing some money in the realty here. It yields good return and at the same time you also get a place for vacation in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.
A safe investment destination
One of the biggest worries of investors putting money in the foreign real estate market is the security of the capital invested. This is the main reason why they look for a politically stable country.


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