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 Garage Sale Tips

If you’re about to move out of or into a manufactured home – or if it’s just time for that massive annual cleaning – then a garage sale might be the solution you need to get rid of all that extra stuff and make some money while you’re at it, here are a few garage sale tips to help you get started.

Two Heads are Better than One – You’ll draw a far larger crowd of shoppers if you work with neighbors and have a sale with several other people on your street than if you hold your garage sale all on your own.  Furthermore, when you have a neighborhood sale, more people will respond to your advertising. 

Be Ready – Remember that it’s not just the things that you’re selling that need to be ready for the sale.  Wear comfortable clothing and shoes, protect yourself from the sun, and keep a supply of water and quick to eat snacks (that won’t leave your hands messy) ready.


Make Change – Go to the bank and get your hands on lots of dollar bills and quarters. Though you may think that people will bring small change to a garage sale, it’s surprising how many individuals pay for something small with a twenty.

Start Early – Don’t wait until just before the sale is about to start to move everything outside and set up. In fact, you should count on being outside and all ready at least a half hour before your posted start time. There will be early birds trying to get the best items and if you wait until your scheduled time, they’ll stop you from being able to get ready properly.

Have a Display Plan – Don’t just scatter everything randomly on card tables, have “sections”. Toys, books, clothing, etc. Remember that the less crowded it is, the easier it will be for people to move around and the longer they’ll look around – making it more likely that they’ll buy something or buy more.

Label Carefully – Price things clearly and visibly and if you have a wind-up or electronic item, be sure to mark down whether or not it works and how well it works if it does.

Bring Your Happy Face – You don’t need to hold a conversation with everyone, but be sure to say hi and smile at everyone. Be patient, answering questions politely.

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