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Manufactured Mobile Home Siding

Though there are many kinds of mobile home siding available for mobile homes, typically, vinyl is the siding of choice in terms of maintenance, cost, and overall convenience. This has changed from the standards a few decades ago when aluminum and wood were the materials primarily used. However, with bigger mobile homes and a greater desire for ease of installation and maintenance, vinyl soon slipped in as a top option.

Vinyl is, after all, an extremely durable and versatile material and it holds up much more effectively over time when compared with other forms of siding on mobile homes. It performs very well in terms of installation, cleaning, thermal-insulation, energy efficiency, durability, and even in its low contribution to greenhouse gasses.

Manufactured homes benefit greatly from vinyl siding because it is so simple to install, replace, and even bring home as it is very lightweight. Usually, the vinyl siding is simply applied directly to the mobile home’s plywood skin, though older homes sometimes need additional furring strips in order to make the wall’s surface level with the siding.

To prepare your mobile home for siding, you’ll need to make a few efforts for insulation and protecting the sheathing of the structure. Depending on your climate, you’ll need a form of insulation applied to the home, which should then be covered with “wind wrap” which is a durable form of slick paper that should surround the house. Then, a line should be drawn around the home, beginning at the corner with the lowest position so that you’ll have a guide line for the sheets of siding so that they’ll appear to be straight even if you are not working with a level base to the manufactured home.

You’ll then need to draw a baseline and nail inner posts vertically to each of the corners of the structure so that the ends of the siding will have effective anchors. Don’t forget to nail a starter strip along the baseline.

The mobile home siding should be attached to the building using a staggered pattern instead of aligning all of the seams. Overlaps should be about an inch deep. Siding has a way of expanding and contracting with temperature, so an oval hole punch for the nail hole will allow for this movement without damage.

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