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Mobile Home Skirting

When it comes to mobile home skirting and steps, there are a range of options from which to choose. They can be made of everything from concrete to vinyl. Your decision is, therefore, based on how much you’re willing to spend, what look you’re trying to achieve, durability, functionality, security, and the overall impact it will have on your mobile home’s value.

Start by thinking about what you’d like your steps and mobile home skirting to look like. For example, if you select vinyl, you can make sure that you match your skirting and steps exactly to the color of your siding. You can also obtain different looks such as stone, brick, vertical slat sections, and other appearances that you may wish to consider. That being said, for a more solid, permanent form of skirting or steps, you can opt for concrete. You can paint it (or have it painted) to match your home. It gives a manufactured home the illusion of being much closer to being site-built.

Of course, beyond appearance, function is also an extremely important element to whatever skirting and steps you choose for your manufactured home. For example, the purpose of a good skirting is to help to shelter water pipes from the weather so that they won’t freeze in the cold winter, to keep animals out from under the house, and to allow for airflow under the house. Ventilation is essential in order to keep moisture levels down. Moisture is destructive to a manufactured home as it can cause mold, warping, rot in woods, and can cause the base footing of the structure to become unstable.

Durability will mean that you get the most amount of value for the money you spend. While vinyl, for example, is very durable, it can be damaged over the years by activities such as trimming the grass. It will also fade over time and can buckle in extreme conditions. Concrete, on the other hand, can be backfilled for a more traditional appearance and won’t be damaged by scratches or time. It can also give your home a good height so that underneath can be used for secure, lockable storage.

Of course, your available options will be partially dictated by your budget for the project, but if you comparison shop and carefully consider the different types of steps and skirting available, you’ll come up with the right product for you.

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