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Mobile Home Doors and Windows

In some case’s, the mobile home doors and windows are constructed rather cheaply and can therefore be prone to some kinds of malfunctions and breakdowns. Therefore, if you are the owner of a mobile home, you may find that you’ll be weatherizing, repairing, or replacing your windows or doors on a relatively frequent basis. Naturally, it is possible to have a contractor do it for you, but if you’re even a little bit handy and you’d like to save on some of the labor costs, then you might want to give it a try yourself.

Before heading out to the home improvement center, you need to check out a few things about the window or door that you’ll want to repair or replace. This is because there is no single standard for mobile home doors and windows. Instead, you’ll need to know the exact size of the ones on your home. Measure the dimensions of the opening for the door, not the door itself. Industry measurements refer to the size of the hole in which the door sits once it has been removed from the wall by its hinges – not the actual door.

The odds are that you’ll be able to find a window in the proper size, but that the doors at the home renovation supply store will not fit your size exactly. They generally come in a few standard sizes – none of which will fit your door’s dimensions exactly. If this is the case for you, you can either buy a door that is just a bit too big and then cut the opening so that the door fits it exactly, or you can buy a door and cut it down to fit the size of the existing opening.

Of course, you could always order a custom-made door to fit your home’s exact dimensions, but the other options cost only a third of that choice. If you’re looking to cut back on costs, then a custom-fit door will be out of the question.

That being said, you can spend a little bit more than you would on a door that you’d cut, but less than what you’d spend on a custom-sized door if you simply shop at a place that caters to doors for mobile homes either online or in person. The small amount that you’d pay above the cost of a standard door will save you a great deal in cutting and frustrations – especially if you’ve never done it before.

When ordering a door for a mobile home, take care to notice whether your door’s hinges are on the right or left, and whether or not you’d like your door to have a window. You can even have your door pre-drilled to cater to a dead bolt lock.

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