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Mobile Home Parks

Location, location, location is just as important with mobile homes as it is with site-built homes. After all, you may have the house of your dreams, but unless you situate it in a place where you’ll have the resources and atmosphere you require and desire, you won’t be able to get the most out of your home.

Among the questions that will likely pop into your head when you’re deciding where your manufactured home’s property should be is whether or not a manufactured home community – mobile home parks – is for you.

There are a large number of advantages to moving into a modern mobile home park. These include everything from convenience of arranging the move to the lifestyle opportunities, and even both social and tax benefits.

Primarily, this is possible because mobile home parks are designed specifically for communities of manufactured homes. This means that they are planned with your style of home in mind so that you will have the most secure and attractive place to live. Furthermore, they are kept by professional managers who make sure that the area remains well run and maintained.

Many manufactured home parks include their own security services and safety programs such as neighborhood watch, allowing for a higher degree of safety in the area. Moreover, additional amenities are often included – depending on the community – such as garbage and snow removal and lawn maintenance, as well as tennis courts, pools, playgrounds, and clubhouses.

There are as many different kinds of mobile home communities are there are manufactured homes to choose from. Moreover, they are now nestled in some of the loveliest neighborhoods of the country, giving them comfortable proximity to schools, shopping centers, beaches, lakes, employment, and other attractive resources.

Furthermore, there are communities designated for specific lifestyles, such as adult-only communities. These often also include organized activities such as golfing, hiking, walking, and fitness centers.

These are only a few of the benefits of living in a manufactured home community, bringing you great value and enjoyment to your home.

What to Look For in Mobile Home Parks

Park Requirements:

  •  Age–Qualified Community
  •  Application Fee
  •  Space Rent
  •  Pets Welcome
  •  Pet Fee
  •  Trash-added to monthly space rent or billed separately?
  •  Water/Sewer-added to monthly space rent or billed separately

What services are provided in the area:

  •  T.V - Service Provider
  •  Phone - Service Provider
  •  Internet - Service Provider

Community Features:

  •  Garage parking
  •  Covered parking
  •  Guest parking
  •  Business center
  •  Clubhouse
  •  Laundry on-site
  •  Storage space(s)
  •  Fitness center
  •  Swimming pool(s)
  •  Sauna/Spa
  •  Tennis Court(s)
  •  Golf course
  •  Lake
  •  Playground
  •  Covered Playground
  •  Gated Community
  •  Secured Entry
  •  Wheelchair Access
  •  RV Storage & Hook-up Available
  •  Weekly Social Activities and Events
  •  Electric-added to monthly space rent or billed separately?
  •  Gas-added to monthly space rent or billed separately?
  •  Propane-added to monthly space rent or billed separately?           

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