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Mobile Home Parts, Pipes, Drain Lines and Plumbing

Though mobile home parts and plumbing isn’t the same as the pipes, drain lines, and other elements of a site-built house, you’ll be happy to hear that it is actually much easier to repair and maintain.

Keep in mind that whenever you’re going to be working with the plumbing of mobile home parts in your manufactured home, your first step should always be to shut off the water. There should be a single shutoff valve that will stop all of the water going into your home. It should be located somewhere near the hose hookup. This will control only the inlet of water to your home.

Now you can make the changes you need to your plumbing. This could mean fixing a leak, replacing pipes or drain lines, or even installing a new toilet, shower, or dishwasher.

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If, for example, you’re fixing a leak, the first thing you’ll need to do (after shutting off the water) is to locate its source. If it is coming from a faucet or shower head, you’ll need to replace the part. If it’s coming from the pipe or drain line, then you can replace the leaky piece. Mark the source of the leak with a pen so that you’ll be able to find it again easily.

Next, take your saw (using the right saw for the right material), and cut about an inch above and an inch below the mark you made to identify the leaky place.

Make sure that both of the remaining ends of the pipe are well cleaned and are smooth so that they do not have any filings or burs. All of the water should be wiped away from the interior and exterior of the existing lines.

Place a female-to-female fitting over the ends of the pipe so that it sits inside the loose end, ensuring that both ends fit snuggly. Once you’ve achieved a secure fit, you can glue it using the brush that comes with the can of glue. Both ends of the pipe coupling should be well glued into place. It doesn’t take very much to do a very effective job. Make sure that it has dried thoroughly before turning the water on again.

Once it’s completely dry, turn the water on and check the repair for any leaks. If it is completely dry, the repair is complete.

Home repairs seem like jobs you can do yourself and save money, right? Not always! It's easy to determine if you should DIY or call in a pro. And even hiring the right person isn't that hard. For help finding the best service... check with Angies list...

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