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Moving Check List

2 Weeks a Head of Time:

• Be heartless about sorting through all of your things and get rid of all of the items you don’t really need or want.

• Get rid of the items you don’t want by giving them to a charity or selling them.

• Arrange for the move or disconnection of utilities.

• Obtain floor plans and/or measurements of rooms so that you can decide where you will place your furnishings and other belongings and so that you can start to look into window coverings.

• Start to pack items that you will not need before you move. Label the boxes clearly and number them, keeping a detailed record of each one in a notebook that you will keep with you on moving day.

1 week ahead of time:

• List all of the items that you will not be packing onto the moving truck but will instead be keeping with you (such as irreplaceable and valuable items.

• Confirm moving arrangements with the moving company and other services you will be employing for the move.

• Clean out the cupboards, the fridge, and the freezer.

• Check the shed and yard for items that you will be bringing with you or of which you will dispose.

• Change your address with your friends, family, bills, magazines, and contact the post office about forwarding your mail.

The day of the move:

• Confirm the address to which you would like your belongings moved and provide directions to get there.

• Ensure that every box is clearly marked and that the movers each understand your instructions for the move.

• Clean your home and double check that nothing was left behind before you leave for the last time.

• Ensure that the thermostat has been left at an appropriate temperature. Check to ensure all windows and doors have been shut and locked. Turn off all lights. Leave your forwarding address in case the next resident receives your mail. Make sure your moving check list is completed.

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