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Moving Fish

Here is some tips on how to move fish "Your Beautiful Silent Pet"

NEVER move fish in their tank. Your local pet store offers strong, polythene bags you fill partly with tank water and place the fish in there.

Also make sure there is a good air pocket above the water and seal the bag with two strong rubber bands – consider double bagging the fish!

Place the bag in a polystyrene container clearly labeled with their contents and words “this way up”.

Don’t feed the fish at least for 24 hours before moving. This will minimize the wastes in the transport container and not harm the fish.

Any electrical items (heaters etc.) should be switched off at least 15 minutes before moving to prevent cracking of the appliances.

Bubble wrap your tank carefully and don’t forget to keep living plants also bagged up with enough tank water.

Pack filters separately.

At your destination set up the fish tank as soon as possible.

Monitor the fish for the next few weeks to ensure that the fish isn’t stressed and check the water for nitrate and ammonia levels.

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