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If you want to have a smooth moving day with as few concerns as possible, it is wise to follow a few useful tips for moving to keep things on track.

• Don’t wait until the last minute. The earlier you can make reservations (such as hiring movers or renting a truck), the better. Reserve these services well in advance to make sure that you will indeed be able to obtain them and that you’re not scrambling at the last second.

• Shop around. Different moving companies will offer their services or truck rentals for different prices. Furthermore, if you have any control over your moving day, try to aim to book your movers or truck on a Monday through Thursday as these will guarantee you the highest availability and lowest prices.

• Know how much you’re moving. The better you can estimate how much space you’ll need, the more likely you’ll be to rent the right truck. If you’re hiring a moving company, make sure that they send someone out to provide an estimate based on the amount of truck space you’ll need.

• Purchase good quality boxes early. Find boxes that are sturdy and clean. Used boxes may have soft spots or may leave dirt or dust on your belongings.

• Arrange for storage well ahead of time so that you’ll know that you have the right price and you’ll make sure that the space is indeed available for you.

• Arrange for assistance as early as possible. Friends, family, or professionals all need advance notice before your moving day if you want to make sure that they’re available and willing to help you. You may want to obtain assistance not only for people to help you on the day of the move, but also with packing.

• Drive very carefully. Moving day can be exceptionally distracting and your mind can easily wander from your driving. Make sure that you’re able to concentrate on the road. If you need to travel far, take many breaks to ensure that your mind stays fresh and you’ll be able to concentrate on the road.

• Write everything down. There are so many details to manage throughout the move that it’s easy to forget things. Even if you think you’ll remember, write it down anyway.

The Flat Fee Guarantee Move

One of the many pitfalls that people fall into, when making a local move, is fixing the cost of the move based on a charge by the hour and not by the job. The following story, taken from the bulletin board of an anti-moving scam web site illustrates what can happen, when a home owner signs up for a local move based on an hourly price.

A householder in Canada was making a local move, and found a company on Craig’s list that would contract with him by the hour. He asked for a moving cost estimate , and they informed him there would be a 40./hour fee, with a minimum of three hours charged. No additional charges were mentioned over the phone.

On moving day, the movers arrived an hour late, and then in the bustle of getting on with the move, casually asked the owner to put his signature on the general contract. The word “general” should have sent up alarm bells, but the man thought nothing of it.

When the goods arrived at the delivery site, in the words of the victim, the

” the SCAM ARTISTS charged us for the labor, travel time, kitchen appliance surcharge, heavy equipment surcharge, and disassembly surcharge (we actually removed the doors and hinges to the equipment). We thought the total for the move would be ~$400.00…our bill was $897.00″

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