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Buying Used Mobile Homes

If you’re thinking of getting a mobile home that is used – that is, you’re not going to purchase it directly from the builder who makes it in the factory – then you should make sure that you learn the right home buying tips from an expert or a good quality buying guide.

Buying mobiles homes that are used can be very beneficial for people with many different kinds of lifestyles. Single and retired individuals and couples who will be traveling a lot or not spending much time at home can save a great deal of money by going with a used manufactured home. Similarly, growing families can enjoy a safe and comfortable house for a fraction of the price of a site-built home. That being said, it’s best to know what you’re doing when you’re checking into used mobile homes that are for sale. Use the following home buying tips to get you started in making the right choices for your purchase.

Building Codes – when dealing with used mobile homes, your main concern should be whether or not they pass today’s building codes. This is because while they may have passed the building codes that were in place at the time they were constructed, they may no longer meet today’s standards. You’ll be doing a great deal for the safety and security of yourself and your family by concentrating on the codes currently in place.

Size First, Model Second – though there may be a particular model that you find appealing, it’s better for you to concentrate on finding the right sized home first, and then look at the model. This is the same as making sure it meets your needs first and your wants second. Know the number of bedrooms and the size of spaces such as the dining and living areas, and then concentrate on how they’re laid out.

Water Damage – now that you have a building that is up to code and the right size, check the building carefully for signs of water damage including a leaky roof (which will leave stains), rotten wood supports, and plumbing leaks

Electrical Safety – ensure that there is adequate electrical circuit so that you won’t always be blowing fuses and risking a fire. The more circuit you have (especially in areas such as the kitchen), the less likely you are to overload.

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